About Me

Thomas M. Pierson is constantly trying to figure out why he wasn’t born in a more exciting world.

A Desert Storm Veteran and father of 4, his less impressive achievements include a plethora of short term jobs. So far he’s been a telephone customer service trainer, cemetery caretaker (twice), fast food worker (three or four times), warehouse janitor, stock boy, cashier, construction worker, tree minder, perfume salesmen, day laborer, cook, filing clerk, security guard, typist, and several other, far less glamorous things.

He has a love of philosophy, reading, games (board, card, video and roleplaying), fiddling with computers and fighting off the existential dread of Western Civilization.

He despises misogyny, inequality, senseless cruelty, difficult to open parcels and people who say, “the point is…” but never actually reach one.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with the love of his life, their son and an elephant-transmogrified-into-a-cat named Hotch.


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